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Sexy woman in underwear and blindfold lying on sofa with handcuffs, bdsm

Ravished by Demetria: How I Was Overpowered, Bound, Feminized, and Taken by My Dream Girl

“My secret crush thinks I tried to ravish her. Now she’s tricked me, trapped me, and bound me, and is set on punishing me, hard. I tried to explain it was all a misunderstanding but she didn’t care. She says I have a sexy, girly body for a boy. She’s doing such shameful things to me! I’m being feminized and deeply, anally pounded. She says real men would be able to resist, but I feel like I’m about to explode with her thick strap-on cock in my bottom. She says she’s going to make me fall in love with her and become her cute little sex slave, but I know I’ll never sink that low, to fall in love with my captor! Would I?”

a 10,000 word erotic story featuring hardcore F/M sissy ravishment. It includes femdom, first time feminization, crossdressing, anal, humiliation, shaving, pegging, spanking, collaring, bondage, lingerie, noncon, dubcon, and passionate love.


Ravished by Gaspar: How I Was Humiliated, Sissified, Defeated & Ravished by my Domineering Roommate

“I have no money, no resources, and no friends in this new city. My domineering roommate says he’ll let me stay with him without paying rent, but it’ll cost me something else. He’s making me do such shameful things with my limber, nubile, dancer’s body. I try to tell him I’m not into guys, but he doesn’t care. If I’m not gay, then why does it feel like I’m going to explode every time his enormous cock is inside of my ample bottom? I’m not falling in love with Gaspar and the shameful way he treats me. I swear I’m not!”

A 12,000 word erotic story featuring intense, raw, forbidden M/M sissy ravishment. It includes crossdressing, first time sissification, anal, humiliation, spanking, shaving, lingerie, maid outfits, noncon, dubcon, and ardent passion.


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Hi there! Welcome! I hope you’ve found some fun things to read on this site. Let me introduce myself: I’m Aura. I write naughty, dirty stories that sometimes even have heart, character, and plot. Ah, and adventure and mystery, too! I love straight, gay, bisexual, and transgender stories, all bursting with humiliation, submission, feminization, sissification, spanking, anal sex, passion, romance, and love.

I live in the middle of the ocean in a hollowed-out section of the horn of a giant narwhal, and I have my coffee delivered to me every morning by angry sea birds, in the manner of a fairy tale princess. Stories are posted as often as the narwhal swims within range of wi-fi.

Drop me a line, if you like:

The name Aura Delacroix will someday be recorded alongside the Marquis de Sade himself for the filthiness and intensity of her smut.”

–Things Aura writes in her dream journal

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