Feminized and Shamefully Anally Ravished by My Own Son

I flop my fat, feminine bottom up and down desperately on Cade’s large cock. I’m so close to release and then I reach it and explode as he roughly spanks my ass. His much larger dick still isn’t satisfied. It stays hard and throbbing, pulsating in my warm, tight rectum.

My arms are pinned behind my back and I’m sitting on top of him, straddling him with my ample, womanly thighs. He holds me tightly against his broad chest as I tremble from the intensity of the anal-only orgasm.

He doesn’t keep fucking me, knowing my puffy, swollen, orgasmic anus will be too sensitive immediately after cumming. But he leaves his cock in me, keeping me comfortably stretched.

My wife’s pink g-string is stretched across the side of my fat ass, pulled away to expose my anus a few minutes earlier. A matching bralette has been pulled down to around my abdomen, exposing my throbbing nipples. I wear black stockings and black, sick inch heels. A slim black choker wraps around my neck. My hair and makeup are done subtly but beautifully, the way he likes it.

“Oh fuck, Cade!” I sob passionately.

My son has just butt fucked me to a submissive, passionate, anal orgasm. He’s only eighteen and I’m in my early thirties, but he’s so much more domineering and manly than me. I’ve always had a very feminine, womanly, curvaceous body–I’ve always been ashamed of it and made fun of in locker rooms. Cade is built not at all like me though; he’s built like a bull–tall and strong and broad and all sinew and muscle. I’m all submissive, soft curves.

“Rory’s more of a girl’s name, you know,” he says, teasing me, and then passionately French kissing me.

“I want to be your little girl,” I say, pulling away and then passionately giving my plump lips over to him again.

And then suddenly the world flips on it’s head. Again.

My wife Daniella walks into the room.

She sees us wrapped together on the bed, me wrapped around him, our bodies naked and sweaty, his throbbing, monstrous cock buried to its base in my throbbing ass.

Her eyes go wide. “What the fuck?” she screams.

I try to get up but Cade holds me and laughs, keeping me pinned there against him, my butt still plugged with his dominant dick.

I confess everything to Daniella.

Cade caught me shaving one time when I thought everyone was gone from home. I tried to make excuses but he saw through them completely. The next time Daniella was out, Cade cornered me and ordered me to dress in some of her lingerie.

It started somewhat small like that. A small thrill at being bossed around and giving up power. The shameful delight of being on display for him in such sexy, slutty clothing. I liked it. Slowly he started to push the limits of what I would accept. At first it was just looking. Then he examined me closer, touched, squeezed, and groped until I had a throbbing erection. Then he ordered me to crawl to him and climb onto his lap. He spanked me, hard and shamefully, until I was wriggling and writhing like a schoolgirl. I nearly came just from that.

Eventually, he took my anal virginity in an intense, passionate lovemaking session.

Now I get fucked by him whenever Daniella’s out.

She looks at me with disdain when she hears it all. She looks disgusted and confused, but then Cade speaks to her.

“You know you’re fascinated,” he practically growls.

“No–it’s shameful. I would never…”

“Never what?”

Her lip trembles. They argue for a long time but he shoots down and twists whatever she says.

Finally, he says, “Get on your knees.”

She does it. She crawls across the floor to us and strips herself, exposing her voluptuous body to her son in only a skimpy set of lilac lingerie. Hesitantly, with revulsion and shame, she bends her lips to his cock. She sucks his balls and shaft as he punches in and out of my ass. Finally, his cock throbs and spasms and his hot, thick cum floods my submissive bottom.

He pulls out and lays her on top of me, our feminine, submissive bodies pressing and rubbing together. His cock is hard again almost immediately and he plunges into her throbbing pussy, then her bottom, then her pussy again. He fucks her until she cums then switches to our asses and alternates fucking one of our holes then the other. We both orgasm again from our son’s rough fucking. Finally he explodes again, too, painting our warm, slutty holes with cum.

I was feminized, cuckolded, and ravished by my own son. We had both been claimed by him. We were his–his submissive, slutty sex pets.

He fucks us hard every day now, since we all live in the same house still. Normal life goes on outdoors, but we maintain a clear submissive-dominant relationship at home. We serve him and are intensely, passionately used by him. And I love it.

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